Corporate Level Of The Mcdonalds

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There are few business firms anywhere in the world that have been able to sustain the level of growth of McDonalds. McDonalds began by selling only hamburgers and has expanded its menu as well as its franchises on a global platform. According to Robert Hartley, McDonalds Corporation faced a decline. McDonalds Struggled to grow as a result of constantly opening new stores, the acquisition of other fast-food franchises and a few discrepancies in the McDonalds menu. (Hartley, 2014, p.75). But as I conducted further research, I have come to the understanding that the issues, which plagued McDonalds was not entirely, company wide. While McDonalds was able to thrive internationally with a few minor setbacks, their issues were with the United States market. According to Robert Harley’s analysis of the McDonalds corporation, the restaurant chain did face diminished growth domestically as well in the foreign market. Relations with franchises detoriated as the corporate level of the company implemented policies that were doctorial. There was expansion of franchises with out consideration for the franchise that was already established and was rationalized as being done in the company’s best interest. (Hartley, 2014, p. 87) another major issue that was responsible for the decline in McDonalds U.S. restaurants was the menu. The menu no longer appealed to adults and individuals who more health conscious. (Hartley, 2014, p.87). McDonalds also had issues enforcing strict control over…
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