Corporate Level Strategies

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Corporate Level Strategies Kinds of Grand Strategies: * Stability Strategies * Growth Strategies * Retrenchment Strategies * Combination Strategies Stability Strategies The basic approach is ‘maintain present course: steady as it goes.’ In an effective stability strategy, companies will concentrate their resources where the company presently has or can rapidly develop a meaningful competitive advantage in the narrowest possible product-market scope consistent with the firm’s resources and market requirement's Types of Stability Strategies * No change strategy: * Firms adopting this strategy maintain the same level of operations * Small business firms desire satisfactory level of operations rather…show more content…
* Forward integration took place at Modern Suiting when it diversified into worsted suiting. With an investment of Rs.7 crore, it acquired sulzer looms, sophisticated fabric processing facilities and other sophisticated equipments to manufacture a premium terry wool suiting with the brand name ‘Amadeus’. * Backward integration at Modern Woolens involved a collaboration with Schild of Switzerland for wool processing, combing, and woolen tops which are necessary for the production of woolen textiles. In this manner, a number of backward and forward linkages were being attempted within the Modern Group with the objective of raising the turnover to Rs.250 crore by 1992. Horizontal Integration * When an organization takes up the same type of products at the same level of production or marketing process, it is said to follow a strategy of horizontal integration * For Eg.: When a luggage company takes over its rival
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