Corporate Level Strategy For Coca Cola

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Corporate-Level Strategy
Corporate level strategy is best described as an organization making internal changes to differentiate themselves from their competition. Evolving internally allows a company to develop competitive advantages over their competitors along with allowing the company to decipher what makes them unique. Internal changes can include but are not limited to creating a proprietary product or process, reducing costs, and partnering with other organizations. What makes a company unique is more formally referred to as core competency. Together, obtaining core competencies and competitive advantages can elevate an organization and create
Coca-Cola is one of many beverage manufacturers in a highly competitive beverage
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One major way that Coca-Cola reduced cost was through the implementation of the zero based work system; this allowed the organization budget to start from zero each and every year (The Coca-Cola Company , 2016). That in turn created the need to justify the budget each and every year rather than automatically approving at least the amount spent the previous year. Finally the organization halted all marketing not done over a media platform such as in store advertising. This reduced marketing costs and allowed the organization to spend money on other aspects of the business.
The final corporate level strategy Coca-Cola uses is partnering with other organizations to create a stronger line of products and expand their presence in the beverage industry. Networking is another major core competency of the Coca-Cola company. Their ability to join forces with other suppliers and distributors remains unmatched by the other beverage companies around the world. For example, when Coca- Cola realized they did not have a successful line of energy drinks. Therefore they decided partnered with Monster in order to tap into the energy sector of the beverage industry (The Coca-Cola Company , 2016). This partnership further solidified Coca-Cola’s massive portfolio of non alcoholic beverage products. The merge also turned a competitor into an ally and created a mutually beneficial
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