Corporate Lobbying : Detention Watch Network

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Figure 1, A 10 Years Record of Corporate Lobbying: Detention Watch Network
Another strategy is a system known as occupancy requirement. Such is a case in which a private company requires a state to keep prisons the company is building or taking over filled to a minimum percentage. This policy is made to stand no matter how crime in the state may fluctuate. Occupancy requirements are common practice within the private prison industry. The In the Public Interest group reviewed 62 contracts for private prisons operating around the country at the local and state level. The group found that 41 of those contracts included occupancy requirements that demand local or state government keep those facilities between 80 to 100 percent full. This contracts stand whether crime is rising or falling. According to the report all the big private prison companies such as CCA, GEO Group, and the Management and Training Corporation try to include occupancy requirements in their contracts.
The alternatives to this contract is not that much better either. For instance, in Colorado the state 's crime rate had sunk by a third in the past decade. While there was space in the state prison the state chose not to fill those beds. This was done because “Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and CCA cut a deal to instead send 3,330 prisoners to CCA 's three Colorado prisons.” (Dupp, 2013). This left the state prisons underused. Christie Donner, executive director of the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform…
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