Corporate Network Management: Cost or Benefit

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Corporate Network Management – cost or benefit Network management includes the exploitation, incorporation and coordination of the hardware, software, and human fundamentals to monitor, test, poll, configure, analyse, evaluate, and control the network and element resources to meet the real-time, operational, performance, and Quality of Service requirements at a reasonable cost. A network is a set of hardware devices connected together, either physically or logically to allow them to exchange information. Network management can be categorized into • Network provisioning- Network Planning, Network Design, Responsibility of the engineering group • Network maintenance- Network Installations, Network Repairs Facilities Installations and Maintenance • Network operations- Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management, Security Management Corporate network management (CNM) provides network and communication services to the entire organization. Network management is the main factor for corporate business in the competitive world. CNM support programs helps to improve network performance and response, provides efficient ,reliable system backup and ensures secure network protection, reduces systems management cost, and creates dependable wired and wireless access to business information and resources. Corporate Network Management and Support: • Desktop support for staff • Network, computer, and server management • Remote access and

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