Corporate Offshore Outsourcing And Its Relevance For Workers ' Rights

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This paper explores the issue of corporate offshore outsourcing and its relevance to workers’ rights. First and foremost, it is necessary to define both corporate offshore outsourcing and workers’ rights in order to fully grasp the issues associated with corporate offshore outsourcing. Next, this analysis includes reasons for the emergence of this practice and the negative consequences of this practice on both workers in the United States and abroad. The current issues with this practice are exemplified through three corporate offshore outsourcing tragedies. Furthermore, proposed solutions to mitigate the effects of corporate offshore outsourcing in the future have been provided by a multitude of qualified scholars. These individuals have lent their opinions, as well as their strategic recommendations regarding what actions should be taken in order to reclaim workers’ rights abroad and end the abuses that result from corporate offshore outsourcing. It will become apparent that while a couple strategic recommendations rise to the occasion of tackling this complex and internationally-recognized problem, others are insufficient to make a real change in how American corporations operate and behave. The Emergence of Corporate Offshore Outsourcing & How to Mitigate the Consequences A considerable amount of the literature that exists on the topic of corporate offshore outsourcing does one of three things: (1) explains the issues Americans face with the
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