Corporate Personality

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Corporate Personality
[pic][pic][pic]Corporate Personality is the creation of law. Legal personality of corporation is recognized both in English and Indian law. A corporation is an artificial person enjoying in law capacity to have rights and duties and holding property.

A corporation is distinguished by reference to different kinds of things which the law selects for personification. The individuals forming the corpus of corporation are called its members. The juristic personality of corporations pre-supposes the existence of three conditions :
(1) There must be a group or body of human beings associated for a certain purpose.
(2) There must be organs through which the corporation functions, and
(3) The corporation is attributed
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In case of a company, by incorporation it gains a corporate personality which is separate or distinct from the members who compose it. The property of the company belongs to it and not its members; it may sue or be sued in its own name ; it may enter into contracts with third parties independently and even the members themselves can enter into contract with the company According to Section 34(2) of the Companies Act , upon issue of the certificate of incorporation , the subscribers to the memorandum and other persons , who may from time , be the members of the company, shall be a body corporate, which is capable of exercising all the functions of an incorporated company and having perpetual succession and a common seal. Thus the company becomes a body corporate which is capable immediately of functioning as an incorporated individual. With the incorporation, the entity of the company becomes institutionalized. This principle of the independent corporate existence and the principle of corporate personality of a company were recognized in the case of Saloman v. Saloman & Co . In this case Salomon was a boot and shoe manufacturer. He incorporated a company named Salomon & Co Ltd, for the purpose of taking over and carrying on his business. The seven subscribers to the memorandum were Salomon, his wife, his daughter and four sons and they remained the only members of the company. The company went into liquidation within a year. The unsecured
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