Corporate Political Strategies and Employment at Will Essay examples

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Corporate Political Strategies June 24, 2011 Abstract Whether or not corporations should have political strategies is debatable by many strategists, corporations, and political interest groups. There are advantages and disadvantages to this issue, so to decide one has to weigh the advantages against the dis-advantages. In my opinion, corporations should consider political strategies as an essential part of their business tools. The actual and potential impact that governments have on corporations is incentive enough for them to keep informed of the different governmental, social, public, and economic issues, regulations, policies, forums, tactics, and processes that will affect them now or in the future (Hillman, Zardkooh, &…show more content…
Having access to these insiders will keep the corporations from expending large portions of their resources having these additional costs affects their operating costs and performance levels. Gaining access to the political processes and policies also enables them to favorably influence the regulatory processes, and to have increased access to governmental contracts (Hillman, Zardkooh, & Bierman, 1999). The ability of corporations to interact with the different governments is a very important attribute to possess because of the government’s power over corporate opportunities, and the role that governments play in the shaping of competitive environments. The business-government relationships are regulated in three areas; (1) anti-trust regulations (including ‘mergers and acquisitions, predatory pricing, exclusive dealings, price discriminations, etc.’) that are meant to ensure the existence of competitive markets. The applications of anti-trust regulations also create opportunities for corporations to help shape governmental outcomes, (2) economic regulations which are industry specific regulate policies dealing with costs, productivity, and licensing, etc., and (3) social regulations which involves ecological laws, and occupational safety and labor issues. Federal legislations can have powerful impacts on the
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