Corporate Proposal For Sql Server

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Corporate Proposal for SQL Server
LaTanya White
Manish Patel
ITS 410 – Database Management
March 27, 2016 Corporate Proposal for SQL Server
ESL Inc. has tasked me with the project of finding a new database system that will better meet the needs of their growing customer base. ESL is a large company that has been using a series of spreadsheets and access databases, and manual records to track their business and they are currently looking for a better way to streamline the inner workings of their business. After evaluating their current system, it is apparent, that if a decision to move forward hadn’t taken place within the next few months, their current system would start to fail, as they are reaching capacity in memory used and bandwidth running the various individual instances of Access on their network.
The following proposal is therefore a look into what Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has to offer to bring the system to the level that is sufficient for their current needs, and has the potential of growing as the company grows both internally and externally.
After spending several weeks reviewing the current system, data files, Access databases, and evaluating the current usages and the needs for the future system, I am confident that the system that would be most beneficial and useful in this environment is Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Microsoft offers several editions for SQL Server 2012, and I think the most flexible, and reliable version for ESL’s environment is the
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