Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategies

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Assignment 1: Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Examine Apple’s Current Position on the Company’s Ethical and Social Responsibilities, and Determine Whether or Not the Company Has Met These Responsibilities. Provide Two (2) Examples That Support Your Position Social and ethical responsibility of a company is that it will use all its resources in a way that will not affect the people and societies physically or socially. It is moral duty of businesses that they should take care of environment and people from whom they are running their business and generating profits. Social responsibility covers all the stakeholders of company. For example employees, customers, social groups, shareholders etc. Apple is one of the leading technology companies in the World. Apple has shown its concern for societies and environment. It is the first technology company who joined Fair Labor Association (FLA) and volunteers itself for an unprecedented audit. Management of Apple ensures that all of their production processes are according to the laws and regulation of local as well as international laws. Apple asserts a code of ethics and standards for their suppliers and ensures that their suppliers fulfill the standards of Apple (McKenzie, 2012). They have implemented extensive staff training programs not only for their workers but also for the suppliers and assisting them in improving their processes and technology. Determine the Impact That the Publication of Ethics and Social
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