Corporate Responsibility : Samsung And Panasonic Essay

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Corporate Responsibility
L.G, Samsung and Panasonic are global electronic companies largely known for their innovative, technologically advanced products. These companies are involved in the production of home entertainment appliances, mobile communication devices and home appliances such as washing machines and fridges. They operate on a global scale and as a result, they have access to a several ranges of markets. Due to their advancements in the business world, they have a wider corporate responsibility. Moreover, with the increasing environmental issues affecting humanity and the nature of their product, these companies have an obligation to the communities they affect, in ensuring that the negative impacts accrued to the production of their commodities are either eliminated or mitigated. The basis behind this comparison report is to identify the strides each of these companies have taken and their future plans in terms of sustainability.
Corporate responsibility reports
According to the fortune 500 listing of global companies, Samsung, L.G and Panasonic top of the ten lists because of the vast revenue they collect, which is greater than US and 25 billion. They hold a lion’s share of the market and are in charge of several plants placed in different countries around the world. Global companies have a lot of control in the community and in the national economy and as a result, some companies may get involved in “green washing” or may prevent to be interested in corporate
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