Corporate Responsibility Through Improved Community Involvement

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Corporate Responsibility Through Improved Community Involvement Introduction: The midlevel company is often in a challenging position with respect to achieving a positive social performance. Where larger companies generally possess the resources to engage in high-level scholarship programs, popular charity causes and other far-reaching philanthropic activities, midlevel firms must pick and choose the causes that give them the best chance to have a positive and tangible impact. This is the challenge which is that the center of the present discussion. As the new CEO of a midlevel educational literature and learning materials company, it has become my responsibility to address this dilemma directly. Company and Stakeholders: The Reading Rainbow Learning Co. designs literature, workbooks, instructional books and teacher's manuals to assist in literacy for students grades kindergarten through 6th. Our materials have been adopted for usage in many learning-assistance, tutoring and extra-curricular learning programs throughout our region. As we have expanded in our reach, we have also become more publicly visible. Throughout our company's decade-long history, Reading Rainbow has worked to maintain a positive record with respect to corporate citizenship. From the outset, this had generally meant hiring personnel and making decisions comporting with the proper ethical policies, practices and behaviors befitting of a growing company. The definition offered by AYSF (2011)
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