Corporate Responsibility in Business

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Business Ethics MGM250 Andrea Matcham New England College of Business and Finance August 24th, 2012 Topics Covered: * Introduction about the course * United Nations Global Compact’s CSR Principles * Pluralism * Strategic Management * Crisis Management * Climate of Trust * Creativity, A Climate of Innovation * Bribery and Corruption * Unethical Practices * MNC: Ecological Sustainability * Renewable Energy Sources – The advantages * Sarbanes-Oxley * Whistleblowers’ Act * Discrimination Based on Gender * Religious Discrimination * Conclusion * References This course encouraged us to explored and developed a higher thinking and reasoning behind business morals and…show more content…
This process will provide an approach to making major decisions in your business future direction. I think that the external audit can identify internal strengths and weaknesses and also, external threat. By using the information that is gathered, you can establish long-term objectives and pursue the correct strategies in your business. An external audit provides information on many different levels in the business environment. Areas available for reviewing can be competitive activity, economic conditions, social and cultural trends, demographic changes, political attitudes to business, and regulatory changes. The outcome of an external audit can provide possible negative issues and positive opportunities in the business environment. This could impact your decisions either way. Certainly, new product development, market openings or closings, mergers and acquisitions, and resource allocation will be valuable information. Ultimately it could impact the long-term decisions made for the future success of the business. Communication is a key factor in Crisis Management. Having an official individual designated to control all the information and ensure accuracy and consistency when releases it to the media. Kim Gordon in an Article for Entrepreneur recommends that this individual should have a calm manner under pressure, have good credibility, smile at the camera, and present a positive image for your
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