Corporate Restructuring

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Chapter 4 Corporate Restructuring and Value Creation 4.1. Introduction Restructuring is widely used in both the developed and developing countries nowadays. Companies and economies are restructuring to achieve a higher level of performance or to survive when the given structure becomes dysfunctional. Restructuring takes place at different levels. At the level of the whole economy, it is a long-term response to market trends, technological change, and macroeconomic policies. At the sector level, restructuring causes change in the production structure and new arrangements across enterprises. At the enterprise level, firms restructure through new business strategies and internal reorganisation in order to adapt to new market requirements. In…show more content…
Rappaport [1986] classified the above listed one time transactions as Phase I restructuring and those changes that bring continuous value improvement through day-to-day management of the business as Phase II restructuring. Rappaport [1986] argues that companies need to move from Phase I restructuring to Phase II because in Phase II, the shareholder value approach is employed not only when buying and selling a business or changing the company’s capital structure, but also in the planning and performance monitoring of all business strategies on an on-going basis. A successful implementation of Phase II restructuring not only ensures that management has met its responsibilities to develop corporate performance evaluation systems consistent with the parameters investors use to value the company, but also minimises the Phase I concern of managers that a hostile takeover is imminent. Copeland, Koller and Murrin [1990] also argue that managers should restructure companies to improve value, otherwise, external raiders will get an opportunity to take-over the company. Therefore, they claim that it is in the best interest of both managers and shareholders to keep the gap between potential and actual value as close as possible. Management can improve operations by increasing revenue or reducing cost, acquiring or disposing of assets and improving the financial structure of the company. Company executives often
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