Corporate Social Responsibility : A Company 's Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as a company’s responsibility to ensure ethical business behavior, contribution to the economic development of a country, improve the lifestyle of its own workforce and their family members, betterment of local community and overall society. It is some small amount of cost done by the company which effect can’t be seen in the present but in long term it promotes positive image for the company. Successful CSR program can take a company beyond government regulation and legislation. It is a sustainable program which a company can easily run with its other activities. It mainly defines areas of concerns and initiatives which can improve the relationship of customers, shareholders, suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders with the company.CSR helps to achieve organization’s objectives and guide a company toward what the company stands for and how it satisfy its consumers. CSR can also define in three words that are People, Planet and Profit. People represent fair labor practice and betterment of the community where it operates. Planet represent environment friendly business practice and last of all Profit refers to organization’s economic value created after deduction of all the costs from the revenue including capital costs. Now a day CSR is regarded as a tool for building brand equity through customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values. CSR is also criticized by some critics. According to their…
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