Corporate Social Responsibility : A New Concept

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Corporate social responsibility occurs where organizations take full responsibility for their actions to their customers, the environment of operations, immediate communities, stakeholders and employees among others. It extends beyond the legal scope and initiates voluntary steps towards the improvement and sustenance of quality life to the various actors it is affiliated to. For instance, they take part in eradicating poverty-related issues, providing basic amenities to the affected communities in its areas of operations as well as improving the life of its employees. There is a relationship between corporate social responsibility and spirituality and work in that both addresses the same objectives of creating a harmonious working…show more content…
Therefore, as Adams & Csiernik (2002) points out, workplace spirituality is thus an embodiment of positive valuation, acknowledgments and respecting the employees’ innate abilities in a meaningful and goal-oriented context approach that encourages creativity, sense of belonging and personal fulfillment. Therefore, the debate lies on whether the relationship between corporate social responsibility and spirituality at the workplace is convergence or divergence. Most research studies assume that spirituality at workplace and CSR nourishes the moral climate and behavior in any organizational setting thereby sustaining social responsibility. At the very roots of these concepts, there exists a divergence on the purpose they intend to pursue. Spirituality is innate and deals with the development of personality and self-inquiry and strives for an ultimate concern for nature, God, humanity, the self and the good or the combination of these. Conversely, CSR deals with the market and business model and their connection to human relationships and the management of these business models in respect to the needs of all the stakeholders rights and both the short-term and long-term impacts of the business activities in the social and natural environment. Therefore, SAW is personal and
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