Corporate Social Responsibility : A New Concept

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Corporate social responsibility occurs where organizations take full responsibility for their actions to their customers, the environment of operations, immediate communities, stakeholders and employees among others. It extends beyond the legal scope and initiates voluntary steps towards the improvement and sustenance of quality life to the various actors it is affiliated to. For instance, they take part in eradicating poverty-related issues, providing basic amenities to the affected communities in its areas of operations as well as improving the life of its employees. There is a relationship between corporate social responsibility and spirituality and work in that both addresses the same objectives of creating a harmonious working environment for which employees and the communities around them are involved in the businesses’ operations that are aimed at improving the quality of their lives.
Literature review
Spirituality at work is a new concept that has elicited different reactions from the corporate world and researchers who see it as an important aspect or style of management. Recent literature has revealed that complete intellectual, emotional and spiritual fulfillment at workplace ensures an enlightened management style that accelerates self-actualization and advanced performance and therefore there is a need to take religion seriously as it influence at the workplace is earnest and profound in any organizational setting. Additionally Gostis & Kortezi (2008) observes…
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