Corporate Social Responsibility : A Strategic Concept

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Section 1: Introduction Corporate social responsibility is a notable strategic concept whose presence in today’s business world cannot be overlooked. This paper consists of an intricate analysis of corporate social responsibility, as well as an investigation on how Target Corporation is handling this increasingly popular business concept. The background and foundation of this business approach is thoroughly depicted, shedding light on its rising acclaim among firms and the positive effects it has made on our world. The paper is as follows. Section 1 is the introduction, while Section 2 provides insight on the concept of corporate social responsibility and its utilization among firms. Section 3 provides insight on Target Corporation’s implementation of the concept. Lastly, section 4 contains conclusions of the concept in relation to Target Corporation, as well as possible future endeavors.
Section 2: Research Background In recent times, the concept of corporate social responsibility has become a prominent business strategy, as countless firms have directed their attention towards leading public interests. It is no secret that businesses hold a tremendous deal of power within the economy. With an abundance of assets and disposable cash at hand, companies have the power to engage in socially conscious expenditures. In result, it has become increasingly popular for companies to devote their time and money to environmental sustainability programs as well as various social…
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