Corporate Social Responsibility Activities at Infosys Technologies Ltd.

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Purpose of the Report
This report attempts to study the CSR activities and initiatives carried out by software giants Infosys Limited, to understand the motivations behind these initiatives and benefits to Infosys and society. The report was prepared for the purpose of a report writing exercise in Management Communication.
A survey by means of a questionnaire was carried out to determine the level of involvement by employees in these activities and to obtain a general idea of the various activities being carried out at Infosys as part of their CSR. A total of 10 employees responded to the survey, and were from among those involved and some who were not involved in CSR activities at Infosys.
CSR Activities at Infosys
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Though India is one of the fastest growing economies, socio-economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare etc. are still ubiquitous and the government has limited resources to tackle these challenges. This scenario has opened up several areas for businesses to contribute towards social development.
CSR in India
CSR is not a new concept in India. Corporates like the Tata Group, the Aditya Birla Group, and Indian Oil Corporation, to name a few, have been involved in serving the community ever since their inception. Many other organizations have been doing their part for the society through donations and charity events.
Today, CSR in India has gone beyond merely charity and donations, and is approached in a more organized fashion. It has become an integral part of the corporate strategy. Companies have CSR teams that devise specific policies, strategies and goals for their CSR programs and set aside budgets to support them.
These programs, in many cases, are based on a clearly defined social philosophy or are closely aligned with the companies’ business expertise. Employees become the backbone of these initiatives and volunteer their time and contribute their skills, to implement them. CSR Programs could range from overall development of a community to supporting specific causes like education, environment, healthcare etc.
Many CSR initiatives are executed by corporates in partnership with
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