Corporate Social Responsibility: Airplanes and Airline Industry

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In 1978, The Airline Deregulation Act was purposed and signed by President Jimmy Carter. This federal law came into existence for two main reasons; stated by Carter (1978), “to help our fight against inflation, and to ensure American citizens of an opportunity for low-priced air transportation.
Today’s motives in the airline industry go way beyond economic decisions for themselves as well as their shareholders. Nowadays, businesses are an essential part of society and the airline industry must exceed their compliance of legislation and obligations of what is expected of them and focus on the interests of society. In doing so, they must perform corporate social responsibility that will help improve the community, society’s youth, charity,
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Oman Air and AirBus are two other foreign airline companies. Both are committed to inspire and educate today’s youth by providing them with an appreciation for science and technology. The two airlines joined forces back in March of 2013 and created “The Little Engineer” workshop. The workshops were conducted at Sultan Private School and Azzan Bin Qais International School in Oman and gave young Omani students a first-hand look into the world of engineering and encouraged them to pursue a future career in aviation. (Awal).
Furthermore, as mentioned above the airline industry can safeguard our planet by exercising their corporate social responsibility by “going green”. Air France-KLM is one company in particular that focuses on this issue. For eight consecutive years the Dow Jones Sustainability Index has ranked Air France-KLM transport leader in terms of sustainable development in the airline sector. This merit is awarded to 19 of the most responsible companies in the world, each in their own area of activity. Air France’s environmental efforts reduce 400 tons of waste each year (Amstelveen). Air France reduces environmental wastes by recycling old uniforms as well as 80% of inflight articles. An environmental and social

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