Corporate Social Responsibility: An investigation into Louis Vuitton

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Essay Title: Corporate Social Responsibility: An investigation into Louis Vuitton

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Tutor: Sally-Edith Yong Corporate Social Responsibility: An investigation into Louis Vuitton
With the rapid development of social economy, the public tends to focus on the social responsibility of the company, as well as feedback to the society, rather than pay close attention to how to create interest in the company. Especially, environmental protection and human rights has became the most pressing social phenomenon. Under this
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In addition, the company will donate funding when the natural disasters happen. As can be seen, Louis Vuitton is trying to be a significant role in the public by undertaking full responsibilities on the society.

The existence of CSR performances guarantee the interest of stakeholders, which involving investors, sponsors, employees, consumers and suppliers. More specifically, for inner management, the workers can be treated respectfully and received well treatment. For example, the workers should be ethically treated when they make a contribution to the performance of organization. Which means the workers not only will improve the enthusiasm to the work, but also will hold the same attitude to handle their works and customers when they receive and be treated equally and ethically in the working environment. Consequently, the employees will make more profits by working in a comfortable workplace. Moreover, the performance of organization will be promoted dramatically by workers’ support.

From the point of view of the external environment, the effectiveness of organization would gain much more support when the company do the business with their consumers and suppliers, due to the company has provided a wonderful environment for the employees (Businessweek, 2007). Obviously, when the company’s reputations has been known and improved because
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