Corporate Social Responsibility And Corporate Ethics

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Coexistence in a globalized world with constant changes does not really allow a business to survive alone. The fact that your business exists in the environment, the responsibility of this depends on many stakeholders, such as local communities, customers, employees and suppliers. On the other hand the way the products are produced and manufactured has a significant impact on the environment. In this context the concept of corporate social responsibility has great relevance for the survival of any business. In corporate terms, social responsibilities promote companies to maintain a closer relationship with the public of their interest and on the other hand, good business practices enjoy better benefits in relation to other
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Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), a German philosopher was an enormous supporter of this sort of thinking. He believed in acting according to the strict obedience to values, regardless of the consequences. Ethical choices taken with this point of view also had to be universally valid to other kinds of similar situations. The impact of such moral philosophy is predominant in the Australian Association of Social Worker’s (AASW), Code of Ethics which prioritizes principles such as ‘respect for persons’ and client self-determination (Banks, 2004).
“Bentham’s (1789) ethical philosophy was founded on the assumption that it is the consequences of human actions that count in evaluating the merit and that the kind of consequences that matters for human happiness is just the achievement of happiness and avoidance of pain. The principles of utility, then defines the meaning of the moral obligation by reference to the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people who affected by performance of the action”.
There are, for example, some reservations regarding utilitarianism, because it seems to tolerate the sacrifice on this case the use of experiments in animals to develop new drugs and on the other hand to ensure that some of these vaccines are safe for humans, (Fox, 1986). From a purely utilitarian perspective we would decide that it would be justifiable to use animal in such experiences because this would result in
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