Corporate Social Responsibility And Csr

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Social responsibility or also called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- is the firm’s engagement (voluntarily initiated) in and its compliance (legally mandated) to environmental, social, and governance issues (The Foundation, 2014). Also, is based on stakeholder’s needs being financially sustainable, and CSR can come from both corporate or not-to-profit organizations. CSR has seven categories; Leadership, vision and values; Marketplace activities; Workforce activities; Supply chain activities; Stakeholder engagements; Community activities (Eurofound, 2017). CSR originated in the 1950’s, when people believed that the actions of corporations are closely related to society and the public, and should conform to and satisfy social values…show more content…
This study uncovered that overall supplier behavior towards CSR was weak, and to succeed with selecting citizenship suppliers CSR was the key.
Purchase Power
The authors of the case study, “The relationship among corporate social responsibility, service quality, corporate image and purchase intentions,” focused on the effects of corporate social responsibility on consumer behavior. Fishbein and Ajzen, stated that purchase intentions used as an indicator customer consumption behavior; Schiffman and Kanuk, believed that purchase intentions measured the possibility of consumer purchase of a certain product; Zeithaml and Sirohi, also stated that purchase intention is based off, want to purchase, considering a purchase, customer loyalty, and recommend products to the masses (Huang, Yen, Liu & Huang, 2014). The method of the study was based off questionnaires distributed to 400 and 331 were used. This study explores the relationship between CSR and purchase intension, the hypothesis tested by the authors was, “CSR has a significant positive effect on purchase intention (Huang,Yen, Liu & Huang, 2014).” Which came out to be the hypothesis was supported. Furthermore, when consumers have positive perception of CSR they have higher purchase intentions. In another study on purchase intention, “Advertisement Disclaimer
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