Corporate Social Responsibility And How Companies Like Citibank

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In this week’s journal, the discussion focuses on corporate social responsibility and how companies like Citibank, N.A. are managing to navigate its organizational culture to fully embrace it. In addition, we will discuss potential right versus right as well as right versus wrong scenarios that could emerge under my leadership. I worked for ten years and have written about various aspects of the organization for several courses. Therefore, my knowledge of Citi’s performance and history continues to expand. Citi is quite adept at communicating its goals, vison and mission to its employees as well as clients. All of which are considered stakeholders. Proponents and critics of corporate social responsibility recognize its relevancy and…show more content…
In the case of Citibank (aka Citi), corporate social responsibility is driving responsibility of its 2014 stakeholder engagement process. Citibank refers to it as its Citizenship policies and programs (Citigroup, 2015).In the Citi Global Citizenship Report 2014; CEO Mike Corbat shared his view on Citizenship. According to Corbat, “given the pace and scale of global challenges and opportunities, from providing access to basic banking services for the two billion people who lack it, to training the workforce of tomorrow, Citi has a unique capacity to support economic progress in the communities where we operate around the world’ (Citigroup, 2015, p.5). Founded within this three element collective (invest, partner and act), there are five target areas; economies, cities, sustainable growth, people and integrity (p.4). Citi identifies eight main groups as its stakeholders; clients and customers, investors and Socially Responsible Investors (SRIs), employees, government and regulators, suppliers, nongovernmental organizations, media and other financial institutions (p.70). For this discussion, we will focus on four stakeholders. Clients. Clients and customers are essential to Citi’s success. Citi considers its clients and customers as partners. They help to drive the business and client engagement. By actively engaging its customers via social media and customer satisfaction surveys, Citi is working to rebuild
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