Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainability Essay

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• Summery
• Vision or Mission statement
• Values of the organisation
• Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability
• SMART analysis
• Conclusions
• Reference list

This assessment is about analysing the management of two different companies Macquarie group of services and David Jones. Both got many similarities and differences between their organisational structure and management. They also work with a vision in market from many years. There values and aims are pretty different from each other. In present days, both companies are doing a great business in their fields, so the management of both companies have high responsibilities. They have thousands of stakeholders, which convert these companies in to big firms. This simply means, more complex task for managers.
Lets compare and contrast both companies and we will find the similarities and differences in management of both firms.
Vision or Mission statement
Mission statement is a statement of the business aims, companies need to capture for what purpose they stand for. Aims are the long term plan from which companies derives its objectives. why the company exit, and tell three important factors to the public . Mission statement describes three factors of a company:
• What the company does
• Who the company does it for
• How the company does it
Mission statement is the initial step for any company to get the objective hierarchy. Actually the mission statement
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