Corporate Social Responsibility And The Global Fast Food Industry

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This essay will be recording my efforts to research of my chosen academic topic. I have selected a source that has been written by Royle, T. (2005). Realism or idealism? Corporate social Responsibility and the employee stakeholder in the global fast-food industry. Business Ethics: A European Review,14(1 ), 42-55. To start with, this academic source was published in January 2005 by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. at Oxford, UK and Malden, USA. Which I have found has many areas of focus. I intend to narrow down a few areas and single out the best suited for my own interests and ambitions. I will investigate what this topic about and try to identify, then examine its strengths and weaknesses from the management perspective. In this…show more content…
One of the interesting areas of McDonald 's function is that they try not allowing employees to join unions in many countries where they are located. In this article, we can clearly see that MacDonald 's almost everywhere aim to get rid of employees who try to join a union. Up to 2005, there were issues in France and Italy where MacDonald 's struggled to keep out the union. Employees in these countries compare to other countries are automatically enrolled into a union agreement as soon as they employed. In my response to the content of this article is positive on one side and negative on another. If we look at the first stage of CSR, which is making money (profit) within the company then I totally, agree with that. On the other hand if you thing about profit in your company, I believe you must thing about your stakeholders as well as revenue. Huge organisations like MacDonald 's according to this article follow the first stage of CSR very well however loyalty to its employees in the company not of a high level. Therefore, within this article I strongly disagree with attitude of MacDonald 's to employees. The way that they carried on in respect to its employees is incredible shocking, such as shown in “2002 where in the US state department criticised MacDonald for exploiting foreign
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