Corporate Social Responsibility As Corporate Citizenship

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What many organizations learn today is that forward-looking innovation and competitive advantage can be obtained from intertwining social, as well as, environmental considerations into business from the very beginning. Through this process, businesses can come up with the next generation of ideas, employees and markets. Therefore, corporate social responsibility is a commitment to improve public welfare through flexible business practices, along with contributions of corporate resources. Corporate social responsibility is all about ethical values and acquiescence with legal requirements, which go hand in hand with respect for the community, the environment and the people. To the extent that a business is concerned, social corporate responsibility is corporate citizenship. In this context, a business needs to be a good neighbor to the people, the environment and the community. An organization should be socially responsible within its host community (Cramer & Bergmans 2003, p. 142).
The attitudes, as well as intentions of a business are central to the strategy process of a business. Attitudes offer businesses with an outline within which to interpret the community and integrate new experiences. A single organization behavior is determined by the intention to perform the actions. Corporate social responsibility encompasses a chain of behaviors that emerge from the top management downwards. Managers should hold favorable attitudes toward corporate social responsibility and
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