Corporate Social Responsibility Audit On The Nasdaq Stock Exchange

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The publicly traded company I chose to perform a corporate social responsibility audit on is a company that produces PCs, software, and other services – Microsoft, also known as MSFT on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Microsoft started small, with Bill Gates and Paul Allen as the founders. While Microsoft started off in Albuquerque, the men later moved the company; Microsoft’s headquarters is now located in Redmond, Va., on a road named after the company, Microsoft Way. Microsoft is defined as a multinational company, this means that Microsoft carries out business in more than two countries, in fact, Microsoft has offices in over 200 countries. A typical user would immediately think of the word processor, Microsoft Word when they think of this…show more content…
One of the four corporate social responsibilities that Microsoft has to keep in balance with the others is maximizing profits for shareholders. Microsoft does this by constantly improving their products, which in turn raises the price of that stock; a rise in stock price is beneficial to stockholders. Microsoft improves their products often, they typically come out with a new version of Windows office every couple years, as is the same with Microsoft Windows operating system. Another way Microsoft keeps its shareholders happy is by continually paying out more and more money through dividends in November of every year. While Microsoft treats their shareholders very well in terms of dividend payments, their generosity doesn’t end there. Microsoft has a program where they buy back shares from their shareholders. Essentially, they are giving their shareholders cash for a piece of the company that has an outstanding balance. Just how much money has Microsoft paid out to their shareholders for these outstanding shares? A large $73 billion since 2010. This is a great way to keep the company’s shareholders happy, by ensuring the shareholders do not suffer a loss if the price of the stock plummets. When Microsoft is decreasing the number of shares, their shareholders are gaining from this once again; when Microsoft’s income increases, so does the pockets of the shareholders, because they will be getting even more profit. Personally, I think Microsoft is doing an
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