Corporate Social Responsibility : Baker Hughes

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Introduction Baker Hughes headquarters are located in Houston Texas and is a company that participates in the global petroleum industry and offers products and services for finding, evaluating, drilling, extracting, and producing hydrocarbons. (BakerHughes) These services operate in the Americans, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. According to the last fiscal year, Baker Hughes has 24551 million dollars in revenue and makes a profit of 1719 million dollars. With the help of their CEO, Martin Craighead, and their 58,000 employees, Baker Hughes is ranked 119 in the Fortune 500, which is an improvement from last years ranking of 132. Sustainability (Principally environmental practices) Corporate Social Responsibility is a huge part of the core values at Baker Hughes. From their Global Reporting Initiative, you can tell that Baker Hughes incorporates corporate social responsibility in their every day business practice. This is also shown by Baker Hughes investing in different initiatives to maintain their strong corporate social responsibility position for future, which includes: maintaining legal compliance and fostering an ethical work culture, ensuring a safe and secure work environment for our employees, protecting the environment, supporting the communities in which we work, and developing sustainable technologies and products. From investing in these activities, they help to motivate employees,

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