Corporate Social Responsibility : Business Practices

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Corporate Social Responsibility are business practices which help not only the business flourish but also help society also flourish. Currently, Corporate Social Responsibility has been a very important topic and is in many companies today because of employees are focused on three things: people, planet and revenue (Taylor, 2015). Corporate Social Responsibility has many types and has a variety of tactics to reach the public. The main ones being Environment, Philanthropy and Ethical Labor Standards (Taylor, 2015). Companies such as Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks have already been adding programs such as Save the Earth which helps adverse the effects of global warming. Business stake holders are people which have interest and somewhat have owner ship of a business and they too have a great deal in Corporate Social responsibility. Primary Stake Holders have interest in the business and how the organization performs and what kinds of actions a corporation takes to efficiently do good business. Secondary Stake Holders help indirectly by taking actions which making organization not make profit ( Saylor Organization, 2014) Business started doing international trade when it was beneficially mutual and if both countries had comparative advantage. However, today Many businesses want ethically responsible behavior while doing international trade While business have international trade, It Is difficult to come up with laws because of cultural differences due to other nations having
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