Corporate Social Responsibility Components Of The Company

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Corporate Social Responsibility components
Corporate social responsibility of the company manifests itself not only to customers but also employees and environment. In the brand’s core there are based principles of respect and understanding for the normal functioning of all processes starting from the development and production to marketing and sales of finished products. The LVMH values in people their interests, needs and values (Social Responsibility, n.d.). This policy is ideally focused on developing new ways of production and using raw materials and resources in innovations according to environment changes. That is why, one of the most important parts in production of product plays The LVMH Environmental Department. The main objectives of the Department are aimed at designing of products by using new innovations and controlling environmental risks (Environment, n.d.). The brand has different initiatives for all Houses. For example, there is an initiative for the Perfumes & Cosmetics Houses and Sephora which is aimed on using recycling materials which can be used in future manufacture and packaging products. The main idea of this initiative is to reduce environmental solution and provide an opportunity to use raw and recycling materials not only for the development but also for selling them to a network of specialist recyclers. With absolute certainty it can be made a conclusion that corporate social responsibility of the LVMH is a strength of the brand which gives an

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