Corporate Social Responsibility : Csr

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Corporate social responsibility has become a buzzword within the industry in the last few years. Following the financial market crash investors and stakeholders began looking at corporations to act more socially responsible. The meaning of social responsibility differs across regions. Western countries are the ones who are pushing for corporate social responsibility -thesis--

A broad overview at corporate social responsibility (CSR) looks to corporations to make a change in the society or the environment. This is achieved through business practices such as giving to charities, whether time or money, through corporate governance, or in environmental initiatives.
When looking at CSR, the difference of the meaning and what is most important
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Good reviews, mean more buyers, making CSR a big part of increasing the bottom line, which is inline with the corporation 's responsibilities.
When comparing companies against each other for which has a higher stance in CSR, it can be different for each person. This is because CSR is made up by main factors including workplace, governance, and citizenship. These are measures, which are measured by individuals ' feelings. So comparing two companies can be harder than just black and white numbers. The CSR work must evoke a feeling within the consumers that drives them to the corporation. When comparing European companies to American companies the cultural norms are different as well as the legislation around the issue differs. There is not a clear-cut line between the U.S and European countries on what is required of each company and what they are made to report. Each have their own ruling when it comes to CSR reporting.
The European Union has a legal ramification for the firms that do not follow their CSR requirements. France was the first country to require companies to report a CSR report. (Tschopp,D) It was issued so that governments can “promote transparency, create market incentives for responsible business conduct, and ensure corporate accountability” Having a regulation based upon CSR allows
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