Corporate Social Responsibility : Csr

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that affects all companies and should be an active factor in the company’s decision making. It is something all corporations need to care about. CSR is when business’ or corporations take part in an initiative or campaign for a cause that will benefit society and/or in some way make the world a better place (Taylor, 2015). Initially, Corporate Social Responsibility started to take shape around the 1950’s, but some say that it dates all the way back to the 1800s, the idea of CSR was seen (Carroll, 2007). One may think that because it is dated so long ago, it doesn’t have an important impact today nevertheless, it is proven that Corporate Social Responsibility is a pathway for entities to self benefit as they are in the process of benefitting society.
Introduction to CSR
In todays time, there are quite a few companies that practice Corporate Social Responsibility, including Campbell’s. Since the 21st century they have been practicing CSR (From Soup to … Corporate Social Responsibility: Campbell’s Efforts to Lead the Way, 2009). “We aspire to be leaders in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. It’s an effort that begins at the highest leadership levels of our own company.” (Campbell’s, 2015). To this day, Campbell’s continuously maintains positive relationships and goals with customers, stakeholders, and even employees (Campbell’s, 2015). Campbell initially came to be in around 1869 (From Soup to… Way, 2009).
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