Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr )

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When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), that bottom line almost always drives the narrative. Since the global recession, a large portion of the world’s corporate entities have increased attention towards its CSR. With an increased focus on environmental and social issues, these companies touted its efforts to remind the general public that they are on the side of change. According to a KPMG survey from 2013, 93% of the world 's largest 250 companies (from 2012) published an annual report on its CSR efforts. Taking that transparency to another level, 60% of those reports came from independent audits to ensure the public that the CSR efforts were indeed up to their claims. These 250 companies, known as the G250, operate in 14 sectors across 30 countries. This year 's CSR Rep Trak100, measuring the companies with the best CSR reputations, saw Europe, Latin America, North America and the Asian Pacific region represented in the list that saw Google top the list. Countries like India (up 53%) and China (16%) are seeing some of the most movement. Across all business sectors today, 50% or more report its CSR efforts. While it appears that the world’s companies are taking on a more conscious approach to the world around them, don’t be fooled. Most companies CSR efforts are directly tied to its bottom dollar. As CSR notes, "Since the 2008 crisis, those companies with a stronger reputation have performed significantly better (almost 2X the return) than the overall
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