Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr )

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Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses a “corporation’s social, ethical and environmental obligations to its constituencies and greater society,” and prompts corporate leadership to “look beyond its traditional bottom line, but at the social implications of its business.”
It demonstrates a corporation’s “respect for society’s interests…by taking ownership of the effect its operational activities have on key constituencies including customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment.”
Put differently, CSR involves “voluntary and proactive” actions that are relevant to the corporation, integrated into its business model and “focus on long-term success and sustainability, rather than short-term financial returns.”
Greenwashing, which Fiji water was accused of by environmental groups is defined as “Disinformation dissemination by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image”

In summary, this case analysis x-rays’ the challenges faced by Fiji Water LCC and its bottling subsidiary, Natural Waters of Viti Limited. The challenges facing the company can be summarized as follows;
i. Modalities for achieving a carbon negative outcome at its production plant and in the transportation of its products; ii. How to convince its customers and other stakeholders that it was leading the industry in carbon footprint disclosure and offset; iii. How to best manage relationship with the…
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