Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ), Technology, And Diversity

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In today’s society, the pace is tremendously fast. With that, a change occurs constantly and creates a race to be above the curve and a step ahead of the trending movement. In the business world, we are interconnected throughout continents with interdependent economies and enterprises. Some of these changes that effect the management of companies include corporate social responsibility (CSR), technology, and diversity. Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, has been conceptualized rather broadly as the managerial obligation to take action to protect and improve both the welfare of society as a whole and the interest of organizations. In recent years, corporate social responsibility has been becoming increasingly important and is held as an emphasis to many companies to try to and show their good doings. So much so that in 1999, the Corporate Social Ratings Monitor was created. This was a database that describes and rates over 600 companies in terms of their corporate social responsibilities and holds records on what they do that either benefit or harm their surroundings. The database categorizes the CSR initiatives into six domains: 1) community support (e.g., support of education, health programs, etc.). 2) Diversity. 3) Employee support (e.g., concern for safety, job security, etc.). 4) Environment (e.g., recycling, etc.). 5) Non-U.S. operations (e.g., overseas labor practices). 6) Product (e.g., safety, marketing, etc.) (Mcquire, Sundgren, Schneeweis, 1988).…

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