Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) of Mncs in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Grammen Phone Ltd

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Business is an attached and entrenched part of the society. In addition to its economic role in society, business also has several other roles and accountabilities towards society. Many reputed multinational companies doing business and interacting with the society as well. The objective of the study is to highlight the current status of CSR practice of MNCs in Bangladesh and activities of GrameenPhone is used as example.


The empirical findings of MNCs’ management of CSR in routine stakeholder relations, with employees, consumers, environment and communities are presented. The case study design was adopted as a research strategy to study the CSR phenomenon in Bangladesh because GrameenPhone Ltd. is the
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▪ Employee motivation - a KPMG survey of 1600 of the world 's largest companies across 16 industrialized countries, including Australia, examined why they are committed to corporate responsibility and what influenced the content of the reports. By the survey almost half of the world 's largest companies believe employee motivation is a key driver when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

▪ Laws and regulation - independent mediators, particularly the government, ensuring that corporations are prevented from harming the broader social good, including people and the environment. Governments should set the agenda for social responsibility by the way of laws and regulation that will allow a business to conduct them responsibly.

▪ Crises and their consequences- Often it takes a crisis to precipitate attention to CSR. One of the most active stands against environmental management is the CERES Principles that resulted after the Exxon Valdez incident in Alaska in 1989. Other examples include the lead poisoning paint used by toy giant Mattel, which required a recall of millions of toys globally and caused the company to initiate new risk management.

▪ Stakeholder priorities- Increasingly, corporations are motivated to become more socially responsible because their key stakeholders expect them to understand and address

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