Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction In this report, it critically researches two organisations that are implementing some form of corporate social responsibility. It identify’s one definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based upon academic resources. In addition, corporation that is likely to experience competitive advantages by being socially responsible. Followed by what ways the organisation are socially responsible and discusses the impact of these actions of the two organisations. The first organisation examines Coca Cola Company and the second organisation examines The Body Shop International. Also applying and interpreting support materials and analysing issues with clear evidence of support for…show more content…
Corporation should comprehensively concern and contribute to society to ensure the harmony and balance growing of society as well as the corporation (Llewellyn, 2005). Advantages of CSR Corporation are likely to experience competitive advantages by being socially responsible. The advantages that organization can experienced from adopting a successful CSR are intend to be intangible and long-term rather than tangible and short-term.(Lewellyn, 2005). First of all, the company will establish a better reputation that is essential in order to access financial recourses and to get permit by government (Hamman, 2003, p23). A positive relationship between Corporate Responsibility index and corporate reputation is illustrated by Lewellyn (2005). In addition, the high reputation of organization will attract highly qualified skilled employee to work for the company (Hamman, 2003). Moreover, according to the result of CSR Europe’s 2000 study of consumer attitudes toward CSR in 12 countries, Grills &Spring (2001) confirm that one fifth of consumers prefer to but products which are responsible for socially and environmentally. Secondly, successful use of CSR can result in long-term stability (Lewellyn, 2005). According to Lewellyn’s (2005) opinion, companies that have a visible approach to corporate responsibility are
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