Corporate Social Responsibility

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Company X is a plastic injection molding manufacturer located in Highland, Michigan. The company had started in 2005 and survived the hard economic times. Company X started out by first doing applique and added 6 months ago injection molding. There are two owners, and there are less than 75 employees. Every company small or large should take social responsibility. A1. Environmental considerations and recommendations (Planet). Just doing what is right and following the laws will make your company a good citizen, but is that really enough. A good company should go beyond just doing what is required, they should be aware of every decision they make in how it will affect the community that they are a part of. There is a need…show more content…
A suggestion in keeping a better inventory system was recommended due to using a great amount of paper and time. It was recommended to use bar code tracking inventory system. This can be done by using hand held scanners, and a Wi-Fi system within the factory. By using this type of inventory system it will not only save them time in keeping track of each step of the production, storing the products, and keeping track of raw material, but it will eliminate errors when entering into the system. The software that Company X is already using, will be able to easily adapt to the new electronic bar coding system making it an easy transition from paper to paperless. This system will be great, so that Company X will be able to have right to the minute numbers in helping them to plan better for their next productions. An area that was new to Company X was how to be able to recycle their scraps and be able to reuse them in production. This was not only important in saving the Company X money, but it is also important due to environmental issues. Certain plastic cannot be reused once it has been formed into a finish product. But, after recommending and showing how they can combine gridded scrap material with a certain amount of new plastic material; you could utilize the scrap material. This will save Company X about 85%, because before they would have the used scrap material hauled away. Company X has agreed to use this new formula
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