Corporate Social Responsibility : Framing Csr Within A System Of Global Ethics

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Jason Iloulian Professor Alina Feld Global Ethics - Final Paper May 2nd – 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Framing CSR within a System of Global Ethics Introduction The field of Global Ethics has recently emerged as its own independent field of study that engages with many of humanities most pressing ethical questions. One of the most important subsets of this field of study is arguably how the role of international corporations will fit into the process of addressing many of the planet’s most pressing issues over the coming generations. The globalization trend has led to the ability for international corporations to influence the international relations of nations on a scale never before imagined. For example, if Walmart were a country it would rank 28th in the world in GDP compared to other nations. Furthermore, Walmart isn’t alone in its international influence and there are several other companies that have resources greater than many countries and there is little evidence that might suggest that this is a fleeting position in global affairs. Thus, given the influence of the corporate form in the modern international economic system, one of the most interesting ethical developments is the establishment of the discipline of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This analysis will consider how the CSR model fits with a broader global effort to
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