Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives For Small Firms Essay

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It is generally difficult to determine whether corporate social responsibility initiatives are easier to implement in small firms as opposed to large firms. Corporate CSR perspective is the ethical responsibility to society and social bodies as the firm adopts due to business, financial, societal, governmental, and, moral image outcomes in society. In addition, the firm adopts ethical responsibility to external entities, which society focuses on and as a result magnifies and sensitises business stance and associations with external social bodies. In fact, CSR is the result of a discussion amongst the firm and its stakeholders about responsibilities and expectations. (Corporate Social Responsibility: One Size Does Not Fit All. Collecting Evidence from Europe) The EU defines small firms as, those that employ 50 staff or less and have a turnover that is e10 million or under as stated in European Commission, 2003b. Small firms and large firms are different, particularly in such areas as financial revenue, resources, market share, numbers of staff and ownership title as it explains in Curran and Blackburn, 2001. (Investigating the Impact of Business Size on Small Business Social Responsibility: A Critical Review) Firm size triggers a particular implementation pattern of CSR, i.e. SMEs is strong in implementing organisational CSR associated processes in fundamental business procedures, where MNCs efficiently connect their obligations to CSR, yet generally lack
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