Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives For The Company

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The founders played a big part in bringing success to the company. First, the founders positioned the company as a socially responsible entity that was really concerned with the welfare of society and the environment at large. As an example, the company was actively involved in supporting the World Wildlife Fund and planted 52 million trees. The founders believe that corporate social responsibility initiatives were not meant to boost the image of the company but to ensure environmental sustainability. Secondly, the founders also successfully adopted a decentralized business model that allowed workers to feel empowered. For instance, various teams in the company played a big part in negotiating critical business deals such as the acquisition of the new power plants. Besides that, the founders also adopted a flat management structure that removed bureaucracy and supervision for workers. These approaches illustrate the founders’ commitment in ensuring a favorable working environment for all workers and also pushing for efficiencies in the company. The founders also stressed that profits are not their only motivating factors unlike many other firms. The company relied heavily on ethics to make decisions. On top of that, the company also values integrity and it has ensured its entire employees to act in a socially responsible way. With the open communication and low turnover rates, the company has also been successful in retaining expertise. These business values and principles…
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