Corporate Social Responsibility Of A Fast Food Industry

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The QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) or the Fast Food Industry, has been burgeoning in the past few decades with the emergence of global brands like McDonald 's, Domino 's, Wendy 's, KFC, Subway, etc. The success of these brands can be attributed to the continuous differentiation strategy they follow to ensure their brand stands out from the remaining. The popularity of these restaurants is due to the quick service of quality fast-food and minimal table service, everything of which is customer-centric. Food is advance-cooked in bulk and is hot and ready to serve. In order to keep the business profitable and sustainable in the long run, maintaining a consistent quality of food and service is a critical determinant of making the business…show more content…
HRM and the brands must take initiatives to build a long-term profitable relationship with the suppliers to ensure quality and timeliness of the supply. Starbucks [2] took the initiative in 2004 in Costa Rica with Farmer Support Centre, to implement C.A.F.E (Coffee and Farmer Equity). These initiatives helped in building relationships with the farmers in Costa Rica and helped Starbucks create value. KFC also released a sustainable packaging policy that restricts the use of any fibre[3] , which violates human rights and local international laws. From HRM perspective, it is essential to recruit managers who look beyond the obvious, since success in the present age is not related to just selling the products. With the ever-changing political scenario in various geographies worldwide, it is crucial for the brands to continually adapt to the changing environment. In 2014, McDonalds [4] closed 9 stores due to political tensions in Russia. Hence, achieving sustainability is possible only when HRM, Management and employees of a firm collaborate to create a unified synergy which helps them overcome the challenges across the world. The QSR industry has revolutionised with the impact of technology with the big players like Burger King and Subway launching "Pilots of nationwide text-to-order" programs, promoting orders through texts by rewarding the customers.
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