Corporate Social Responsibility Of Lenovo

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Background and brief introduction: Our group was interested in comparing Corporate Social Responsibility report of Lenovo Group Ltd. and Dell Inc. (for short, “Lenovo” and “Dell” in the following paragraph). We wanted to find similarities and differences between these two reports, and come up with improvements related to those shortages in the reports. For our example companies, Lenovo and Dell, both are multinational technology company which develop products including personal computers, table computer, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart televisions. Lenovo Group Ltd. which was founded in Beijing, China, 1984 and listed in Hong Kong in 1994, achieved a revenue of 44.91 billion US dollar in 2016. Over Lenovo’s 32 years history, it has expanded its business to more than 160 countries. And according to its’ official website, it employed 55,000 employees in 2016, moreover, it was listed in the no. 202 on the global Fortune 500 List at the same year. Lenovo separates its social responsibility into four parts: Maintaining High Ethical Standards, Focus on Employee Welfare, Philanthropy and Data Privacy. And that, Lenovo’s CSR reports are all focus on those four elements. As for another company, Dell was founded in 1984, in Round Rock, Texas, United States. Having same age with Lenovo, Dell gain a higher revenue of 54.9 billion US dollars. In social responsibility part, Dell…show more content…
Moreover, all these relevant information announced at the reports were provided hyperlinks within the whole report. As for the details, in order to increase the reports’ reliability, Dell and Lenovo provide a variety of evidence and example in report. Multimedia was used in reports, companies provided documentary videos and true-life pictures to support their reports. Part

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