Corporate Social Responsibility

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However… when large companies such as Pick and Pay makes it their responsibility to give back to the community it has the ability to change the lives of everyday, struggling South Africans. CSR can be defined as management’s obligation to promote and protect the welfare of all stakeholders. (1) It is clear that Pick and Pay has chosen to make a difference in the community and support their stakeholders.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”(1) This Chinese proverb describes the epitome of sustainability. Any company, especially Pick and Pay will ensure that all their social investments and efforts in social responsibility will enable the community to be sustainable and thus become self-reliant and self-sufficient. By teaching a community skills, Pick and Pay ensures that their investments will be maintained and that they will make a difference in the community.
After 30 years of trading (2), Pick and Pay’s first efforts at CSR was seen as a sprouting seed. Being one of the first in Africa, Pick and Pay’s philanthropic pillar is now based purely on Corporate Social Responsibility. “Being a “Good Corporate Citizen” defines our conduct as an organisation” (2) and so the vision of enabling South Africans to provide for their own needs whilst aspiring to better…
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