Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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It is obvious that people have become more conscious of the ethical and social responsibilities of business over recent decades, suggesting that the modern businesspeople should not only consider about profitability but also extent to what they can contribute to the whole society. A quote by Anita Roddick generally demonstrates the spirit of being ethically and socially responsible: “The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed.” With the increasing significance of the harmonization of society, the view about whether businesses should be responsible for both ethics and society has been sparked off a heated discussion. From some people’s perspective,…show more content…
Garriga and Mele later summarized four categories to be socially responsible, which are instrumental, political, integrative and ethical theories (Ismail, 2009; p200). Generally speaking, the distinction between ethic responsibilities and CSR is that, the former aims at evaluating an individual’s or a work group’s decisions, while CSR concerns about the activities of the whole business (Ferrell et al, 2013; p30).

Some people tend to believe that since the ethical responsibilities of an organization are only reflected by individuals or a group of people rather than the performance of entire business, it would not have much significant impact on the organization directly when it does not attach much importance on ethical responsibilities. Here is an associated example of a corporation being lack of ethical accountable. According to Singer (1999; online), in 1994, six African-Americans workers of Texaco claimed that they were racially discriminated by Texaco for being not promoted at an equivalent rate as the equally qualified Caucasian staff and paid less when coping with an equivalent works and responsibilities as those employees. Texaco had been
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