Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Assessment 2: Research Project/Essay
Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, & Globalisation, within the Global Electronics Industry

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Griffith Business School, Gold Coast Campus

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The global electronics industry comprises of many partners that make up a complex international supply chain. Due to globalisation, TNCs have set up subsidiaries that operate in under developed foreign countries like Asia. They operate in the areas of manufacturing of components for computers, assembly, contractors, suppliers, software, technical
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The 3 main issues reviewed include, (1) social issues such as; gender inequalities, discrimination based on colour, healthy working conditions. (2) Environmental issues consist of the following; green house gases, pollution, product materials, recycling. (3) Economic issues; tax havens, e-waste, and trading zones ETZ.


Social issues in the electronics sector involve issues such as woman rights. Many countries in Asia (Thailand, China, Philippines, and Malaysia), gender inequalities exist and women have less rights then men. As stated by Adler, Anecdotal evidence suggests that gender-based employment discrimination is common in Thailand, as elsewhere in much of east and South-East Asia. Keys mentions that traditionally, Thai society has been quite patriarchal in character, with women expected to play a subordinate role (Thailand, 1996). Women are increasingly being exploited in the manufacturing phases of circuit boards for computers. They are discriminated based on gender, cast, ethnicity, political affiliation and age. In
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