Corporate Social Responsibility Project: Mercedes Benz Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility Project Mercedes-Benz is a leading Automotive Manufacturer throughout the world. Even though they are the best at what they do, they do not focus all their attention on only automotives, they excel in CSR and involvement in the community as a whole. They are always helping to develop and educate the future children of the world, as well as help people affected with HIV/Aids with education to keep a steady income and teach general skills. This is what sets them apart from the rest. Broad Outline and CSR Strategy: Mercedes-Benz are a leading automotive manufacturer. Key focus areas of Mercedes-Benz’ CSR are re-assessed annually to ensure that projects which they are involved in are focusing on…show more content…
Mercedes-Benz focuses on all educational areas such as pre-school, tertiary and adult basic education. Skills development in the technical areas of engineering and technology is essential in adding hope to the future viability of the automotive industry, with the aim of building a foundation of young people with the necessary practical skills to join the sector when they search for jobs in the near future. Here are a few examples of Mercedes-Benz’ CSR in this category: 1. School Transformation and Empowerment Programme (STEP): Border Kei Region, Eastern Cape This project contains fifteen primary and secondary schools in the Eastern Cape Border Kei Region, started in 2009. The decision to establish this project in the particular area was because East London is the home of the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant and the company is obliged to investing in a new generation of well-schooled citizens here. The objective is to deliver improved quality of teaching, increased learning and pass rates, and in the end, improving the quality and quantity of successful matric candidates as well as assisting more learners to continue their studies successfully at tertiary institutions in the subjects of maths and science. 2. African Angels Independent School: East Coast Resorts area, near to East London. African Angels Independent School was established in January 2012 and is an independent school which provides high quality primary

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