Corporate Social Responsibility : Sony Corporation

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Sony Corporation’s is one of the world’s largest corporations. Sony was founded in 1946 with its headquarter in Japan. It produces a variety of products, such as consumer’s devices, gaming, and communication devices. Its invention of the portable tape recorder was the break that the company needed in order to grow and enter other markets. (Corporate Info, 2015). Corporation’s main purpose is to achieve the highest profit and to satisfy the stakeholder involved (Krishnan, 2011). This encapsulated in the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this regard, it is important to examine Sony Corporation in terms of its adaptation and implementation of their social performance. Traditional business models have allowed companies to grow and expand since the focus is on the good of the businesses to the exclusion of everything else. This selfish regard for other stakeholders have taken its toll on people and the environment, hence, the call for greater responsibility and accountability from corporations, especially those that operate in many parts of the world (Seong-Tae and Lee Sang-Yoon, 2012). In line with this, this essay will examine Sony’s Social performance regarding to the environment, employment and human right issues, and the impact on company stakeholders and society. The stakeholder in this paper will be the shareholder, consumers and the employees in whom they share their business with.

In the aspects of environmental issues, Sony Corporation is one of

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