Corporate Social Responsibility : Southwest Airlines

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Corporate social responsibility refers to a business practice involving initiatives that benefit society. Southwest airlines takes Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability to the next level. Southwest takes part in charitable giving, community outreach and volunteerism, and environmental states, “At Southwest Airlines, we are committed to conservation and mitigation of our environmental impacts. With efficiency as a core element of our business and climate change strategies, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment while remaining true to our triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet.” According to, “seeing the earth from 30,000 feet is a constant reminder of both the fragility and interconnectedness of the place we call home. This viewpoint reinforces our ongoing commitment to conservation, the responsible use of resources, and mitigation of our environmental impacts.” This belief reflects Southwest’s commitment to the environment. Southwest Airlines’ triple bottom line consists of performance, people, and the planet. Corporate social responsibility reflects how the company 's reputation can be affected by the public 's perception and based on their perception, financial performance could be affected negatively or positively. Southwest is known for giving back to the environment, in 2013, more than 140 Southwest employees from across the country joined the All Hands Volunteers after a tornado in
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