Corporate Social Responsibility : Walmart

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Corporate social responsibility has two parts. First, CSR means a company should seriously consider the impact of its actions on society. Second CSR, requires that a company or individual be responsible for how their actions impact the society. Walmart is a corporation that some can defend does display CSR, while other can defend that it does not. Walmart was the epitome of what a retail chain store should be. Sam Walton took what he learned from the JCPenny model and transformed it into something better. He was responsible for the social responsibility innovations of the “Buy American” plan and the “Environmental Awareness” campaign. These innovations display how CSR was displayed by Walmart. The “Buy American” plan showed corporate responsibility because when Walton discovered that his company outsourcing was contributing to American job loses he devised a plan to showcase the domestically purchased merchandise that Walmart was now stocking. This was an ideal way to incorporate the second definition of CSR into the corporation because Walmart was considering the impact it had on the society. However, the corporate responsibility Walmart once tried to incorporate was lost when it became one of the largest purchasers of goods made over-seas, which in turn forced US manufacturers out of business. In early 2013, Walmart announced they would be buying American again, however, it is a struggle to find vendors that will meet Walmart’s price points. Walmart could have avoided this
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